Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Kenny and I made our way to Chattanooga for our anniversary getaway on Friday. We got into town around 10 Friday night and pretty much went to bed so that we could wake up and go white water rafting the next day.

We booked our rafting trip with Raft One and these guys were so great. If you are going to go you have to book with them. They are a small company that gives you a really personal trip down the river. Our guides were sooo nice and knew so much about the river and the area. Not to mention that everyone we talked to that worked there was so friendly. They really gave us a great experience. (Not to mention all of them are cute to boot)

We did the full river trip that had some heavy duty rapids. It even included a section where the 1996 Olympic rafting competition was held. Which is where our raft ran into a little bit of trouble. The section has two Class 5's back to back and our raft flipped on the first rapid so we got pulled through the second one. I was pretty terrified and won't go into details about it. But Kenny was really excited after the fact because he thought it made for a good story. And since the Olympic park was where we flipped there was a professional photographer to capture it all on film, along with about 100 other spectators waiting to see carnage.We are still in the boat here. Not for long.

We are all under water here. Except for our guide who was trying to keep our raft from flipping completely over.

The person you see in the water here OUTSIDE of the raft would be Kenny getting pulled through the second Class 5 rapid.

That would be me getting pulled through the rapid,and wearing my "Oh my god I am going to die face." Attractive right?

And just wanted to include this one because if you look in the right bottom corner you will see my Chaco that I lost. That day was the first day I had ever worn them. They were brand new. Sad huh? We were all still in the water.

So I was finally pulled ashore by another guide having to throw me the safety rope. I was so freaked out by this point I could not control my arms and legs to swim to the bank.

And this is what my leg looked pretty soon afterward. This actually is not as bad as it got. Sunday it was soooo swollen. And then on Monday I went to the doctor and received antibiotics for an infection that was spreading up my leg from the cuts. Wonderful.

But do not fret, despite all the excitement Kenny and I had a fantastic time together. Saturday night we at an amazing restaurant, St. John's. It was so good and they even had a strawberry mojito that I enjoyed before Kenny and I drank an entire bottle of red wine. Then on Sunday we got up and made our way over to the Tennessee Aquarium before going to see an under the Sea 3D movie at their IMAX theatre.(Which I would highly recommend, it was so neat) And finally before heading back home we ate at a really good restaurant Bluewater Grille where I enjoyed a watermelon margarita that was divine.

It was so nice to get home Sunday night and fall into bed and then wake up and have Monday off. Still got some things done. Stay tuned for Menu Wednesday tomorrow. Kind of thrown off as to which day it is. But I made a really good recipe last night.


Miss. Pretty said...

Oh my gosh! What a weekend, glad you are ok! I probably would have freaked out too.

The IMax thing sounds really cool, I love stuff like that!

Polka Dots & Protein Bars said...

What an eventful weekend!

I LOVE the Tennessee Aquarium. When I lived in Knoxville we used to go there regularly. I miss it!

Elizabeth said...

And that's exactly why whitewater rafting scares me to death! I got thrown off the raft when I went with PHUMC back in high school. I've never been the same since. :)

Andrew and Rebekah said...

I didn't know that is where you were going for your anniversery! I THINK Andrew and I are going there for ours as well. We are back and forth about it but I are going to make the final decision soon. Glad to hear you liked it. Hope all is well haven't heard from you in awhile!

SweetPea said...

Ahhh that sounds terrifying! I've went WWR, but by the looks of it you had a way more intense time. I'm glad you're all right.