Friday, August 8, 2014


Elle had her first ballet and tap class this Monday.  She was so incredibly excited and so was I.  We were really excited! Can I say that too much?  I was a little nervous about getting her hair in the required bun.  But since she needed a bath anyway and she will actually let me brush her hair right after her bath thanks to conditioner I managed to do okay.

Of course as soon as I got her dressed we had to take some pictures!
Posing in what she considers the main ballerina pose.

This is my favorite.  Sweet little ballerina.

Kenny came in and got a little emotional.  These things are making both of us a sentimental about how quickly she is growing up.

Many of Elle's friends are taking dance class at this ballet studio.  Some of them are on different days.  We do have two of our very good friends in the same class.  Miriam and Abigail but Abigail was sick this night so she did not come.
Sweet friends.
Lining up to start class. Elle was so excited she barely looked back in my direction.  She and Miriam were holding hands.  I was dying.

They do tap at the end so I had to get a couple shots of her in her tap shoes.

I told her to tap her toe.

The first dance class was a total success. She absolutely loved it and came home showing us all kinds of things. She has already asked to go back again several times.  We are only going once a week though.  We do start gymnastics in a couple of weeks too and we wills see how that goes.  All of these things are so fun to watch her grow up and start doing. 

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