Monday, August 18, 2014


This Saturday was my birthday.  I have never been huge into birthdays but I was happy to have Kenny come home from market on Friday and then go to dinner with one of my very dear friends, Tracy to celebrate. Tracy and I went to a newish restaurant in Starkville called Commodore Bobs.  We came home completely stuffed, watched some HGTV while we chatted and went to bed.

Saturday morning I was so excited to take Tracy to my favorite brunch place Restaurant Tyler.  But we rolled up and it was closed.  So we went and had breakfast at the Grill before coming home to hang out a little bit before Tracy had to leave.  I would of loved to have Tracy stay all weekend but we had two back to back birthday parties for Elle's good friends that afternoon.  
 Before Tracy left Elle asked her to braid her hair in pigtails! She was so excited! And I am going to have to start practicing doing them.  They looked so cute on her!

The first birthday party we attended was for Elle's good friend Miriam at the gymnastics gym.  We go to a lot of birthday parties there and Elle loves it!
Cake and ice cream with our sweet friend Kate.

After Miriam's birthday party we swung by the house to grab Kenny for our friend Anna Claire's birthday party at the skating rink.  After having been at one birthday party I needed parenting reinforcement plus we have never been rollerskating before so thought it would be nice to have Kenny there for the milestone and for the help!

Elle was so excited to go rollerskating. Have to be honest but I had my doubts on how we do. Especially with being a little worn out from the previous birthday party.  But she loved it! The wheels were pretty tight on her skates and they have these great walker things at this roller rink that really help. All the parents were talking about how we didn't have those when were little.  Just had to death grip the side. By the end Elle was out on the floor without a walker.  She told us as soon as we got back in the car how much fun she had and how she couldn't wait to go back.  Total success! It was a great afternoon and seeing her have so much fun with her friends and getting to visit with our friends too made for a great and tiring birthday afternoon.
 Tying up the skates!
Quick picture with Mommy before we set out.

And we are off-with the help with the walker.

Getting some tips from Daddy.
Feeling brave and sans walker.
Family pic.  All looking a little tired fro all the fun.

 Pizza time! Love the wall decor at the skating rink!

Like I said it was  great afternoon!  After the parties we grabbed some sushi to go and watched a movie once we got Elle to bed.  Kenny also gave me a gift certificate to the spa here for a massage and pedicure and I can't wait to enjoy that. Sunday morning we planed to go church but Elle had a little bit of croupy cough so we stayed home and Kenny went out to the golf course  Then I went to see The Giver with a friend that afternoon.  I loved the movie.  The Giver is my favorite book of all time and I thought the movie did a good job.

And I just have to include this last picture!  I was so sick and tired of having to sweep every day and our floors still being filthy so I made the decision to shave Lena.  Kenny was so not happy with the results.  I, however am already noticing a difference in our floors.  Time will tell if we will start to keep her coat shorter permanently.
Lena sporting her new haircut.

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