Friday, August 15, 2014


This week just flew by and that was with Kenny at market.  That is hard to believe.  It is amazing how much easier it is to single parent when you aren't on your death bed.  

I am going to go ahead and apologize in advance for the amount that I gush in this blog post.  It has been a great week with Elle.  I am not sure if it is school starting (Mommy is getting a break) or some beautiful weather or what but I have just been in complete adoration of Elle (more than normal) this week.  I am watching her grow and get to do new things.  I am watching her friendships grow stronger and I am watching her turn into a little girl and not a baby. Okay maybe that part is a little hard but I am in total awe of her beauty and her personality.  Every parent feels this way about their child but I just need to say how much I love her and adore her!

To kick off the week we had our dance class! Our best friend Abigail was there this week and these girls.  Yall.  My heart wanted to explode they were being so sweet and cute and were so excited for dance class.
We had asked them to take a picture and they were getting into position but turned the wrong way.  Their little hands starting to squeeze in for a typical girl pic.  Aaaah!
Alright girls.  Now we are turned the right way.

I had a JA Provisional meeting so Kenny did pick up from dance class.They stopped to get some to go food and Kenny sent me the cutest pictures of Elle practicing her dance moves while they waited.
This picture has no story other than these past few mornings I have just been so in love with her and how beautiful I think she is.  One morning I just started taking pictures trying to capture it.

Wednesday afternoon the weather was cool, windy and beautiful so a quick group text had us all at the Country Club park to let the kids (mostly all girls) play and let the mommy's hang out!  We all had a great time.  I have decided I would be the happiest girl int he world if the temperature never got above 85.  Too bad it is supposed to get hot again this weekend.
Look at all these precious girls! I adore them and their Moms!
My friend Kelly and her two girls Brooklyn and Caroline rode over to the park with us on our golf cart . So we stopped and got ice cream on our way home from the pro shop.  Ruined their dinner but that is what a childhood is for!

Yesterday was equally amazing weather wise so we spent our one morning without school or an activity leisurely eating breakfast and then playing outside. I pulled out the very popular water table.  I promise she loves this thing 10 times more than she ever loved it as a toddler.
Isn't she just so cute and full of joy! See told you I was going to gush! Blame it on my hormones!
After soaking her dress immediately we changed into our bathing suit.  Please look at all that attitude.
For lunch we went and grabbed some Chick Fil A and ate it out on the patio.  Elle and Lena had a moment.  Goodness Lena is looking so old!

Alright I know this was a sappy gushy overly obsessed post.  But we had a great week and I am so in love with my family!  Looking forward to a great weekend celebrating my birthday and celebrating Elle's friends birthdays.  We should be nice and worn out by the end of it!

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