Monday, August 11, 2014


Last Wednesday Elle started a new school year. She is in Three Year Old Preschool three mornings a week.  Mrs. Valerie is her teacher and she is in the bear class.  We have moved to the downstairs portion of the preschool meaning she is an official big kid as far as this preschool goes.  The day before we went and met Mrs. Valerie and saw the new room.  Elle is so excited because her new class has a fish tank in it.  We might need to get her a pet fish for the house.  

After we got ready in our new back to school dress it was out to the porch for some pictures.  I love seeing every one's back to school pictures but I personally like to take these pictures to compare them to the last day of school pictures to see how much they change.  It is nice because Elle has really started to cooperate when it comes to picture taking lately.

Her is the part of the blog post where I gush about how big she has gotten.  My little baby girl is completely gone and she is a little girl now.  Her face has grown up and she is getting taller and leaner. Her personality changes day by day and she keeps us on her toes.  I tell her several times a day how much I truly adore her. Kenny and I talk constantly of how much fun she is.  
All ready for her first day of Three Year Old Preschool.

Had to get in some of her new ballet moves.  Of course.


Love you so incredibly much Elle!  Can't wait for a great school year!

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