Thursday, August 7, 2014


As I mentioned in a previous post, Elle and I tagged along with Kenny to Birmingham this past weekend. Kenny was going to a concert with a friend so we dropped Kenny off at a different hotel and we checked into a different one closer to Target.  True story.  I was in desperate need of a Target run.

Elle and I had fun shopping and then grabbing some dinner before going to bed.  On Sunday morning, Elle and I woke up got packed up and did her favorite thing to do at a hotel.  Eat breakfast! She loves eating breakfast at a hotel. After breakfast we headed out to pick up Kenny and then made our way to the Birmingham zoo. We had never been to this zoo and we really enjoyed it.  We did not get to half of it and it is not that big of a zoo.  When we take Elle we don't really push her to do anything.  If she wants to stop and play in the park portion for a long time we kind of let her.  It is all about having fun as a family and not necessarily seeing the entire zoo.  There will be plenty of visits I am sure.

We had lots of fun.  We bought the unlimited ride bracelets so we rode the train and then the carousel many many times.  We enjoyed the petting farm part and the butterfly exhibit. We saw elephants and giraffes and monkeys. It was a really great day spent as a family. They have a splash pad there and Elle is dying to go back with her bathing suit.  We were all totally beat and HOT by the time we left.

 Selfie riding the carousel.
Snuggling in the air conditioning when we got home.  It was storming.  So nice!

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