Tuesday, August 26, 2014


This past weekend Elle and I met Kenny in Hattiesburg so that I run a whole lot of errands, get my hair done and so that Elle could see her CeCe. It was a really quick trip as we arrived late afternoon ran the bulk of our errands then hair appointment Saturday morning, more errands and drove home that afternoon so we could be back for church and other fun things on Sunday.

I was so happy to get so many things checked off my to-do list.  A lot of it was house stuff and nursery stuff.  Elle was so happy to get to play and hang out with CeCe.
We have this big box of costume jewelery at CeCe's house from my grandmother and Elle loves loves loves putting it all on and playing dress up! The funniest is when she puts on the clip on earrings.

Taking a stroll in all her jewelry and a pretty scary Madame Alexander doll that was mine when I was little.
And the ultimate highlight of going to CeCe's...playing with the cat! Elle wants a kitty so bad!

Sunday afternoon I had a Young Life Committee dinner so Kenny took Elle on a daddy daughter date to Fan Day at the Davis Wade Stadium.  They had an absolute blast.  This was the first time the fans were given access to the new horseshoed stadium and Elle was so excited to be able to run up and down the field over and over even though it was crazy hot! She wasn't too keen on standing in the really long lines to meet the players and coaches.  I told Kenny he has plenty of time to do that with Walker.  But she was psyched to get her face painted and to see Bully and the real life real dog Bully.
Barefoot in the beautiful grass of Bulldog country.
Getting a Mississippi State tattoo.  This was her first non permanent tattoo.  I don't really love tattoos even fake ones on children but I can make exceptions for a Mississippi State one! She gets so serious when it comes to face painting.
Having fun on the jumpy.

Relaxing at home eating some pizza before conking out from a great night with Daddy.

Elle was asleep when I got home.  At 4 AM I feel this tiny cold hand touch my bare leg.  Then I hear Elle's voice "Mommy! See my sticker!"  Her sticker being her face tattoo that she was sleeping in.  She then went on to tell me all about Fan Day and how much fun she had at 4 AM! Sweet girl! I let her tell me.  She was just happy and excited.  Then I knew there was no way she was going back to her bed.  So into our bed she went and she did go back to sleep.  And I never got back to sleep.  I ended up just getting up and getting to the gym around 5:30 so that I could do cardio before meeting with my trainer.

Elle had preschool Monday morning but I just didn't have the heart to wash that sweet tattoo off her face.  So she was thrilled to wear it to school.  I told her she had to let me wash it off during her bath before ballet class though.  She was cool with that after we promised her she would be getting a new one for actual game day in a few days.
Raising her right as a Bulldog!

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